Coaching Day

Chester Road held a “Coaching Day” at the club on Sunday.

Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association Development Officer Pauline Wilson and coach Graham McArthur came to coach beginners and intermediate bowlers.

Graham took the seven beginners onto one green while Pauline helped the sixteen others to improve their game on the larger green.

Both groups enjoyed the day, which finished off by using the new equipment provided by the County. This caused much laughter while they had to use their skills to navigate the obstacles.

Pauline and Graham are doing coaching sessions free of charge to promote the game. They are hoping that more people will train to be coaches with the goal of having one in every club.

Decent weather at last

After what seemed like freezing weather on Monday evening and wet weather on Tuesday afternoon, the teams have at last had some decent weather tonight, Thursday. It had been a beautiful hot sunny afternoon and the Division 7 teams were looking forward to their local “Derby”  to kick off their season,  with the Men’s D team at home to the Mixed Team. The green was flooded in sunshine instead of water as the games got underway and everyone had a most enjoyable evening. The match was won by the Men’s D team but the mixed team put in a good performance with their best performance of the night coming from Peggie. Well done Peggie! Let’s hope the weather stays fair for the foreseeable future.


Free Coaching Day – Reminder

We are holding a free “COACHING DAY” on Sunday 22nd April 2018, 10.30am till 1pm with light refreshments provided.

A sign-up sheet is now on the club noticeboard. Add your name to register your place.

Come and brush up on your game. Shropshire County Coaches will be there to coach and make it fun, with the emphasis on promoting the game and encouraging people to play bowls.

A wet start to the season

Well it was a soggy start to the season for the teams in the Malpas Seniors League playing on Wednesday afternoon this week. Our own greens were pretty waterlogged with the bowls ploughing through surface water and players needing to avoid obvious puddles but players gamely soldiered on with a strategic tea break during the worst of the downpour. The match was the C team versus the D team which the D team eventually won – by 1 point!

The B team however had braved the weather to go to Cunliffe but arrived back early in the afternoon because that green was apparently underwater. First match and it will need to be re-arranged.

The sun is shining as I write this, so lets hope for better weather tonight!

Mixed Team Practice Evening

There will be a Practice Evening for the Mixed Team on Thursday 12th April from 7:00pm. Just come along as if you were coming for a match. We will be able to set-up games against each other or just use the time to practice on your own – whatever suits.

Look forward to seeing you there.